Possibilitarian Garden

Possibilitarian Garden is a permaculture garden by design.  What is a permaculture garden, you might ask?  Check out this useful article that describes well the difference between organic gardening and permaculture.pclt-1024x973.jpg

Possibilitarian Garden includes raised community garden beds, native & medicinal bed plantings, fruit and nut trees, mushroom logs, rainwater catchment systems, compost, and a greenhouse (previously used for aquaponics).  In the next year, we will be planting more fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, rain gardens, and medicinal, native plants (for a complete list of medicinal and native plants, click here).  In the past we have kept chickens, and have plans to keep chickens again and bees in the future.

Possibilitarian Garden is a demonstration of urban land reuse and revitalization, as the garden is built upon two formerly vacant city lots where previously several houses stood.  Because of the formerly degraded soil conditions, we have focused our attention on building soil health and quality on-site.  See our Carbon Sequestration Research Project page to find out more of the soil health work we have been doing with generous support from the Cleveland Climate Action Fund.

Possibilitarian Garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat, by the National Wildlife Federation, which means that in addition to growing annuals and perennials, we are focused on supporting wildlife by proving food, water, cover and places to raise young.  We want to create a resilient ecosystem by increasing biodiversity of all species, attract beneficial pollinators, and support the cycling of nutrients that comes with a more diverse and dynamic food web.  Gardening for Wildlife  is one key way we work to accomplish this.

Possibilitarian Garden is also a participant in the Ohio State University Extension’s Summer Sprout program.

Because we are interested in more than just growing plants, Possibilitarian Garden is the site for many events and hands-on workshops.  We have a brick-oven on-site that we like to use for homemade garden pizzas, and will be building a new clay oven Spring 2016.  See our Training & Events page for a better look at our upcoming program schedule.  These trainings and events are the keystone to connecting with others and growing community.  Come visit!

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