Our Story

There is his-story, her-story, their-story, OUR STORY – oh so many stories!  For the sake of simplicity, here are some highlights, and the rest can be found through oral tradition.

1927 – 2011

  • Eleanore Rusnacik and her Czech family, parents, grandmother, and uncle reside at 2909 E 117th Street (which is now PORCH) in the Buckeye neighborhood.
  • Buckeye neighborhood in Cleveland, OH was known as “Little Hungary”for the early portion of the 20th century until white flight, racial tension, and other issues saw the neighborhood transition to a primarily African-American neighborhood.


  • Daniel McNamara & Diana Sette purchase the house from Eleanore Rusnacik.
  • Inaugural collective house member moves in with support of E.D.E.N.
  • House becomes headquarters of Possibilitarian Puppet Theater & its resident company members.
  • Host Solidago Riders
  • Understanding the Crash graphic novel book talk about foreclosure crisis & community disucssion with graphic novel artist Seth Tobacman with post-show music performance
  • Host Insurgent Theatre‘s play, In the Belly
  • Host Community Brick Oven Building Workshop
  • Establish backyard permaculture garden with the help of neighborhood kids
  • Welcome 5 laying hens to the backyard homestead
  • Applied for ownership of adjacent land parcel #129-18-104 through Cleveland of City Land Bank
  • Plant nearly 100 different varieties of native perennials plants



  • Denied ownership for land bank parcel #129-18-104 from City of Cleveland Land Bank with the reason for eventual city plans for ‘infill housing’ development.
  • Reapplied for land with additional support including: a petition signed by neighbors, and letters of support from other Buckeye residents, Councilperson Ken Johnson, Buckeye CDC, and Environmental Health Watch.
  • Hosted 2nd Annual Mushroom Growing Workshop in partnership with Kai’s Kultured Mushroom Farm.


  • Abandoned house on adjacent lot # 129-18-103 demolished and ownership transferred to Cuyahoga County Land Bank.
  • Diana Sette & Daniel McNamara applied for ownership of #129-18-103 and granted ownership of land through Cuyahoga Land Bank.
  • Diana Sette & Daniel McNamara granted opportunity to purchase parcel #129-18-104 from City of Cleveland Land Bank after 2nd application attempt.



  • Change name to Possibilitarian Regenerative Community Homstead (PORCH)
  • Create intentional community house values for PORCH
  • Initiated Possibilitarian Regenerative Community Homestead (PORCH) Collaborative
  • Host Cleveland State University’s “Social Foundations of Education” class and their weekly ‘Neighborhood Think Tank’ meet-up group with support of Professor Dr. David Backer.
  • Increased rainwater capturing & management on-site with support from Jean Loria of Upstream Permaculture.
  • Host Tree Stewardship Training with The Holden Arboretum & Western Reserve Land Conservancy
  • Host “Homesteading with Permaculture” hands-on workshop series in partnership with Green Triangle
  • Host Seed Saving workshop in partnership with Cleveland Seed Bank
  • Renovated Greenhouse
  • Silver Maple Tree Preservation
  • Tour Site for American Community Garden Association’s 37th Annual Community Gardening Conference: “2016 Cleveland Growing Strong: Health, Equity & Sustainability”