Natural Fiber Workshop

Saturday, November 5

11 am – 4 pm

Facilitator: Cat Lee

Location: PORCH, 2909 E 117th St, Cleveland

 Workshop fee: $50 (includes take-home materials of $25 value)

Register here:

 Scholarships available for residents in Buckeye area.   Contact for more info.


Have you ever wondered how to spin thread or to weave, or where fabric comes from? Ever admired all the various colors of yarn and wondered how they got to be that way?

If so, this workshop is for you! With demonstration and guidance from textile & weaving master, Cat Lee, learn basics and beyond about natural fibers, spinning, weaving and natural dyes.


More about the facilitator, Cat Lee…

image1     Cat Lee has been playing with string all her life in one form or another. The earliest memories are of knitting scarves while her mother was in choir practice. She and her sister Sue would color the cheap white acrylic yarn with crayons and knit beautiful, colorful pieces.

She quickly moved on to playing with child sized knitting machines and looms. She has worked cross-stitch, crewel, latch hook, knitting, crochet, macramé, and finally weaving.

Fiber adventures took a break while she raised her children, Christopher and Cassandra and worked full time. In 1998, after 20 years at American Greetings, Cat lost her job due to downsizing, and found she was able to pursue a lifelong dream, and bought a small 10 acre farm with her husband David in Central Ohio.

A couple of city slickers, neither had any idea what they were doing. Mowing and weed whacking got them nowhere, soooo, they bought 5 little angora goats. They had the pasture cleaned up in no time at all!

Learning to shear the goats left a great pile of fluff in the middle of the barn (mohair). Somebody (Can’t be sure who …) said…”You ought to learn how to spin that stuff… “ So, off they went to The Little House in Clyde, Ohio and purchased the first of several spinning wheels. She joined Malabar Farm Spinners and Weavers guild, and learned about spinning, weaving, and natural dyes.

Cat and her husband moved back to the Cleveland area in 2004, where Cat started teaching at a local yarn shop. She teaches spinning, weaving, and some dye classes.

She is a member of the Textile Art Alliance, an affiliate group of the Cleveland Museum of Art and sells her work at some art galleries and the occasional art show, focusing primarily on functional (kitchen) art pieces and fabric for clothing.


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