Microbial Inheritance of Seed

In partnership with The Cleveland Seed Bank and The Hummingbird Project, PORCH will be participating in the Microbial Inheritance Project to observe the microbe population in seeds with the goals of adaptive food production.

With growing evidence that beneficial microorganisms can be inherited in seeds, and the advent of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies, growers have a new opportunity to cultivate beneficial microbes in their plants, share them with friends, and contribute to new scientific discoveries. As seed stewards, we can encourage long-term, positive ecological interactions between our seeds and the microbe-rich ecosystems around us. Yet we still have much to learn about how these microbes are associated with plants and how they are inherited across generations. If we can understand the nature of microbial inheritance, we may be able to better promote beneficial symbiosis between microbes and our beloved plants for a more DIY, resilient, and adaptive food system.




On May 14, 2016 Cleveland Seed Bank led the way in planting a plot at Possibilitarian Garden of beautiful Carol Deppe’s Cascade Ruby-Gold Flint Corn.  We will keep you posted as we learn more!


To learn more about the Microbial Inheritance Project and how you can participate: go here.


More on Microbial Inheritance & Seed Stewardship Research.


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