Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Located in the Eastern Highlands of Cuyahoga County, Possibilitarian Garden was most likely once a beech-maple ecosystem watershed for Doan Brook leading into Lake Erie.  Then in the 1920’s, houses were built, primarily deforesting all of the land.  Much of the soil was compacted due to construction, pavement, and the planting of grass lawns.

With the houses since demolished, we are working to restore the land and the soil back to a thriving ecosystem.  We don’t just want to grow food on this land, we want to grow healthy, nutrient-dense food from living soil for humans as well as wildlife.

We are working to do this by practicing restorative and regenerative agriculture practices including:

  • Cover Cropping
  • No till
  • Groundcovers & mulch
  • Composting and building soil biology food webs
  • Only organic fertilizers (no synthetic fertilizers)
  • Integrated Pest Management (no pesticides/fungicides)

With generous support from Cleveland Climate Action Fund, we have been conducting research on regenerative agriculture practices to enhance the soil’s ability to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.  Learn more about our Carbon Sequestration research here.




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